Panda Wok Chinese and Japanese Cuisine

Cocktail Lounge, Take-out Menu, Group and Birthday Parties Available

Harbor Village Mall
18 Main Street, Route 119
Townsend, Ma 01469
Tel: 978.597.1388
Tel: 978.597.8831
Fax: 978.597.8832

We Accept Major Credit Cards
Credit Card Min. Charge
Lunch: $5.00
Dinner: $10.00
No Personal Checks

7 Days A Week
Mon – Thur 11:30AM – 9:30PM
Fri & Sat 11:30AM – 10:30PM
Sunday 12:00PM – 9:30PM
Sushi Bar Closed on Tue.

Visit Our Southern New Hampshire Location for the Best of Sushi and Asian Cuisine
Panda Wok Restaurant
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Japanese Cuisine

Sushi or Sashimi A La Carte
Two Pcs. Per Order

J1. Tobiko Flying fish Roe $4.75              
J2. Kani Crabmeat  $4.75  
J3. Tamago Custard Egg $4.50  
J4. Inari Cooled Fried Tofu $4.50              
J5. Tai Red Snapper $4.95  
J6. Ebi Shrimp  $4.95   
J7. Tako Octopus  $5.50
J8. Ika Squid  $5.50
J9. Maguro Tuna  $5.50
J10. Hamachi Yellowtail  $5.75
J11. Sake Salmon  $5.50
J12. Unagi Eel  $6.50
J13. Ikura Salmon Roe $5.50
J14. White Tuna  $5.50
J15. Smoke Salmon  $5.50

Roll or Hand Roll

J18. Kappa  $4.25      
J19. Avocado  $4.50   

J20. Oshinko  $4.25   
 Pickle radish    

J21. Salmon  $5.25   

J22. Tekka  $5.25   

J23. Alaskan  $5.50   
 Salmon w. avocado   
J24. Boston  $5.50
 Cooked shrimp, cucumber   
 & lettuce.     
J25. California  $5.50
 Crabment, avocado & cream   

J26. Negi-Hamachi  $5.50
 Yellowtail w. scallion

J27. Vegetables  $5.50
 Miced fresh & pickle vegetable

J28. Philadelphia  $5.50
 Smoke salmon & cream cheese

J29. Una-Kyu  $6.50
 Broiled eel w. cucumber

J30. Una-Avo  $6.50
 Broiled eel w . avocado

J31. Spicy Tuna  $5.95
 Tuna, fish roe in spicy sauce w.
 Tempura flour

J32. Spicy Salmon  $5.95
 Salmon, fish roe in spicy sauce w.
 Tempura flour

J33. Ebi  $5.95
 Cooked shrimp w. cucumber or avoc

J34. Futo  $7.25   
 Jumbo roll w. crabmeat,    
 Egg, cucumber & pickle    

J35. Narudo  $9.95   
 Choice of tuna, salmon or    

J36. Raising Sun  $9.95   
 Tuna, salmon, whitefish deep fried.  
J37. Spider  $9.50    
 Spicy soft shell crab, cucumber,  

J38. Rainbow  $11.50
 Assorted fish on California roll

J39. Dragon  $14.50
 Slice avocado on eel w. cucumber

J40. Panda Special  $14.95
 Eel on tuna w. seaweed salad

J41. Super Crunch Roll  $11.95
 (T) Spicy crabmeat, (I) Shrimp

J42. Phoenix Roll  $14.95
 (T) Eel/avocado (I) Spicy tuna

J43. House Tempura Roll  $13.95
 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, whitefish,
 Eel, cream cheese, avocado deep fried

J44. Tiger Roll  $14.50
 (T) spicy tuna (I) eel, avocado, cucumber

J45. Boston Red Sox Roll  $11.95
 (T) Shrimp (I) squid, surf clam, avocado,
 Cream cheese tempura

J46. Crazy Roll  $11.95
 (T) smoke salmon, cream
 cheese (I) spicy shrimp,
 crabmeat cucumber

J47. Yellow Dragon  $14.95
 (T) Eel, cream cheese (I)
 Spicy tuna & yellowtail

J48. Torched Yellowtail
 Roll $13.95
 Spicy scallop / Kani,
 cucumber, tobiko
 quick flame seared
 Yellowtail outside